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Endodontic FAQ

Q:           What is an endodontist?

A:            An endodontist is a dentist with additional advanced training in root canal therapy and associated procedures.  An endodontist has specialized training in order to diagnose and treat diseases of the pulp, nerves and surrounding tissues of the tooth.  Endodontists also treat patients that have suffered dental trauma.

Q:           What is root canal therapy?

A:            Root canal therapy is the treatment of the inner pulp of the tooth roots, in the case infection or inflammation of the root canal system.

Q:           Is root canal therapy painful?

A:            We have at our disposal, very effective local anesthetics and adjudicative anesthetic procedures to help assure that the procedure is completely pain free.  We take extra measures to make sure the tooth is fully numb before the procedure begins.

Q:           Do I need to see my dentist following the root canal?

A:            Yes, in most cases your endodontist will place a temporary filling on the tooth. Your dentist will place a permanent filling or crown on the tooth.  It is recommended to place the crown within 30 days of the root canal procedure.