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Cracked Teeth


There are many causes for cracked teeth, an injury, bruxism (teeth grinding) or just naturally with age.  Endodontists like Dr. Dale and Dr. specialize in saving cracked teeth so it doesn’t have to be removed.  Most treated cracked teeth will work as they should with no pain.

What causes your teeth to crack?  Although your teeth are extremely hard they can still fracture like a regular bone.  Some of those issues can be:

  • Trauma to the mouth such as a car accident, sports injury, or fight.
  • Chewing or biting hard candies, nuts, ice
  • Teeth grinding
  • Fillings that are too large

Symptoms of a cracked tooth can be erratic pain when chewing, pain or sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to cold or hot temperatures like drinking hot or cold beverages.

Cracked teeth should be treated quickly to avoid the crack from worsening.  Once the crack extends below the gum line, it’s no longer treatable.  Take a look at the video below for more information about cracked teeth symptoms and treatment.