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Root Canal Therapy


A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed, well over 14 million every year.  Root canal therapy may allow a tooth with pulpal problems to be saved when the only other option may be extraction.

While the thought of a root canal may sound painful, on the contrary, it actually relieves pain from inflammation or an infection of a tooth.  The initial injection is probably the most painful part of the procedure, which is similar to the injection when receiving a tooth filling procedure.

Root canal therapy is a procedure for eliminating inflammation or infection inside a tooth.  The root canal contains the pulp chamber of the tooth, which includes the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth.  The purpose of the root canal therapy is to remove the pain and stop the infection by removing all of the diseased tissue inside the tooth and to sterilize and seal the tooth to prevent any chance of re-infection.

Root canal therapy can often be performed in one visit, however, the procedure does require two visits in some cases.  It is important not to compromise or rush the treatment in order to ensure a successful removal of the all of the diseased tissue and infection.

Watch the video below for information on root canal treatment step by step.

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