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Traumatic Injuries


Facial trauma can be caused by fights, traffic accidents, sports, or work-related injuries.  Trauma includes soft tissue injuries, fractures and injuries to the teeth.  Jaw and facial bone fractures may require surgery and possibly wiring the jaw together.  Surgical plates and screws are utilized to re-align the bone in some cases.

Listed below are examples of traumatic injuries to the face and teeth and the endodontic objectives:

  • Enamel fracture or crown fracture – may require root canal therapy
  • Root fracture – injury to the cementum, dentin and pulp – to reduce and stabilize the fracture site
  • Avulsion – tooth knocked out – put the tooth in salt water (saline) or milk, see the endodontist as soon as possible, time is important
  • Luxation – displacement of teeth – reposition the tooth to allow healing of ligaments and bone
  • Alveolar fracture – involves the socket of the tooth or teeth – reduction of the fracture and splinting
  • Intracoronal bleaching – to reduce or eliminate discoloration
  • Restoration of endodontically treated teeth – restore the tooth immediately after root canal therapy if possible

For more information you may download an app from the International Association for Dental Traumatology.  Click here to download the app.

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